Nomad launches new Kevlar cables

It's summer time and I'm moving a lot more out between places.  That means I'm often needing to bring my chargers and cables just in case.  And when it comes to cables, there's really only one cable I love.  Nomad.

I've had these awesome cables forever.  The ones with adapters on the end (or this) are always in demand at my house and you can normally find them near me at some point.

Then I get an email saying they're kicking them up a notch.  Well, they were kickass to begin with, how can you improve?

The original rugged cables from Nomad have some great components, incorporating Kevlar in the interior of the cable, but use Nylon on the exterior.

Well, the new models will have Kevlar on the outside now too!

11 models to consider.  Ranging from USB-A/C on one end to microUSB, USB-C, lightning and in various lengths and some with adapters.


We’re releasing a broad new line of charging cables that feature industry-leading specs. Best of all these cables feature full wrap Kevlar outer sheath.

Kevlar: All 11 of our new cables will feature a full wrap Kevlar outer braid as well as Kevlar internal reinforcement. These are some of the most durable cables in the game.

Additional Key Points:

  • Each cable features a new over-molded alloy plug housing and transfer point. This oversized connection ensures more durability than other cables on the market.
  • All cables are engineered with industry leading internal components for fast charging and data transfer.
  • Each package features Kevlar badging to indicate our licensed partnership.
  • Every single cable is individually run through a quality control process to ensure it is performing above spec.
  • 5 year warranty.
The Cables:
  • USB-C > Lightning - 18W charging speeds
    • 1.5M - $39.95
    • 3M - $44.95
  • USB-C - 100W Charging Speeds
    • 1.5M - $29.95
    • 3M - $34.95
  • USB-A > Lightning
    • 1.5M - $34.95
    • 3M - $39.95
  • Universal USB-C
    • USB-C core cable capable of up to 100W charging speeds. One end features a USB-A adaptor the other Micro USB-A.
      • .3M - $24.95
      • 1.5M - $34.95
      • 3M - $39.95
  • Universal USB-A
    • Standard USB-A cable with Micro USB, USBC, and Lightning adaptors on one end.
      • .3M - $29.95
      • 1.5M - $39.95