Youcut - A simple video editor for a simple guy like me

So for those of you who follow this blog for a while now, you may be surprised to hear I also have a Youtube channel - yeah, I know!  I barely use it (well, barely use it properly) nor promote it.  But I have it.

I don't mind it, I just used to do video editing in other projects and I know the time it takes to do them properly, and my OCD kicks in heavily so ... I just end up doing as best a job as I can do in one (or 2 ... or 3) takes.

However, my son recently was doing some video challenges for his Soapbox Race and to make the videos we wanted to have more than just the audio and what you normally saw.  So, I looked up video editors.  I wanted something simple.

Youcut was the choice for me.  It has simple operations, but some more advanced if you needed it (splice and trimming, layering on text etc...).  I have to admit, it was fun to play with.  But even for a 5 minute video my son shot, it took me about 4 hours of playing with the app to get it in a way I liked it.

I was especially proud of myself how I could make it look like the dragon was breathing fire by having the fire emoji, rotated then go for only a short time, then another a half second later etc... made it look like blinking.

Had I a more advanced piece of software, I'm sure that 4 hours would have been all day because if you give me more tools, I'm going to play with them.

Anyhow, check it out.  Here's me playing around simply on my phone with it.

Get it on Google Play