Live Transcribe - get the text of your life

A little while ago we had watched the Google I/O event, and the ever increasing use of Google's Ai and learning to figure out a slew of things.  One of them was transcribing and translating.

Getting live captions on your videos etc... a very cool.

The start of it is this Live Transcribe feature.  I think I may have missed its initial launch in May, but there was an update today that caught my eye.

The feature is able to be turned on in your settings under the "Accessibility" and scroll down until you see "Live Transcribe".  Turning it on you see the accessibility icon on the bottom right of your navigation bar.

Tapping it brings up its own app that listens to the surroundings and turns what it hears into text you can save.

The update today brought options for understanding door knocking and coughing.

I tried it out on my phone and found it wasn't as sensitive as I had hoped.  It was having some difficulty with quiet talking.

But it is still cool.

It's not perfect, and it's hard to really determine where a sentence ends - as you can see as I got it to transcribe a youtube video below.

But still cool.  Now, as soon as they make it available to run over running apps, that'll be cooler.