Huawei will commit to updating some of their phones to Android Q

I've been debating how I want to address this whole Huawei scenario.

It's definitely somewhat 'uncertain', but in my opinion 'in the end' (whenever that is) it'll be back to business as normal.  Which is the message I believe that Huawei is sending out as well.

To strengthen their position on that their UK twitter account just this morning early that they do have a commitment to bringing Android Q updates to their 'popular current devices'.

So, what does that mean?  Google cut them off, right?

There must be something to it.

My guess was that it was a 'any new devices can no longer connect'... so anything out in the wild already should be good to go.

Have a visit at their "" to have a run through some of the common rumours.

Or, is this just for the UK users only... us North Americans will still have something to worry about?