Palm coming back - in a small way

So, a long time back, I was known as "Inspector Gadget" ... I had a lot of toys.

My prized possession at the time was my Palm Pilot.  I had a lot of 'em over the years.  Palm Pro, III, m505, T3, TX ... and there's some I'm forgetting for sure.

It took me a while to learn to break from the Palm ecosystem to get into Android, as well as moving over my contacts and other items (never did copy in my calendar items... which is a shame).

Over the years I've never really looked back and have supremely enjoyed my experience on Android. But, now and again I open my desk drawer and I see my old Tungsten and go ... man, I loved that thing.  I knew everything about it.  Knew how to fix every last bit.

I regret never getting the Palm Pre... man that webOS looked cool.

Well, we've heard tons of rumours of Palm making a comeback at some point.

TCL had bought the Palm brand some time back and hinted at an early 2018 phone.

So, folks have found that a phone with Palm branding have passed through the FCC.

A Palm PVG100 running Android 8.1.

The Verge is suggesting that it could be a pretty tiny phone too... only 3.3" @ 720p.  Only slightly bigger than the original Palm Pre.  The reported "Pepito" also would have a battery of only 800mAh.

Pretty 'pepito'.  Still... the nostalgia pulls at me.

Source:  FCC