QardioBase 2 improves a smart scale

So last year I was able to pick up a couple Qardio items, the Arm and the Base, and they are cool.  Then my Base started to act up and have some weird readings.  I tried new batteries and resetting to no avail, so I contacted the Qardio support site to see if there might be some firmware or whatnot to try...

...and awesome customer support that Qardio is, they just sent me the Base2, no questions asked, no having to send the old one back.

So, the Base 2...  what'd they improve over the original?
First up the MAJOR difference over the previous model is the fact that it now uses a rechargeable battery.  The original used 8AAA batteries.  Sure, they last you just about a year - but it's hard to know when that'll be getting low.

Now, we have a rechargeable battery that is charged by microUSB on a little side access panel (where you'll also find the on/off switch - not sure you'd want to worry about switching it on or off ... I'm told it should last about a year as well)

The next bit update for folks is the 'ergonomics' of the device.

You can see the original Base on the left and the Base 2 on the right.  They're upside down you see that the angle that it sits on is a not as 'steep'.  There's also less 'feet' on the 2 than on the original, meaning that it's more 'steady'.  Standing just near the edge of the original can make it feel like it's about to tilt.  With the 2, no such issues.

Also, I find that the vibration used on it to let you know that it's taken a reading is much more subtle but still noticeable.

Setting up the scale in the app was very simple and straight forward (similar to the last), and I found the readings to be actually a little bit quicker, which was nice

Now it's still $199CDN, so you have to be fairly serious to want to have a smart scale, as you can pick up a regular one for way waaaaay cheaper.

I just still like Qardio because it'll feed into my Google Fit data which is a plus to see my info in one place.

Buy yours here: