Google Home Max now in Canada!

We love our Google Home mini.  Just love it.  We have 2.  We'd have more but for some reason, it picks my wife's voice up a room away (but not mine?), so it's just not necessary.

For those that want a better music experience, you can now look at the Google Home Max.  Which is the same thing but now has a dual 4.5" woofers (and assuming stereo) for some real nice quality sound.

Now, the mini, you can pick up for $80, the normal is $150 (on sale currently), but for the Max, you jump to $499.

I'd have to hear the difference to see if it's really worth the price jump.  Currently, we have some soundbars Bluetooth paired to the speaker.

You do also have 1/8" line-in to the device for you to have it play music from other sources too (like say a DVD player or your TV... but you'd have to find a line output and probably get an adapter etc...).

The bonus is that shipping would be free, and they look like they're offering a free Google Home if you buy before May 23rd.  That's bringing it into a good deal range (except now I'd have 4 ... when I only need 2... maybe I'd give those 2 minis away).