eBay deals has a Google Home mini up for $59

So, apparently every year eBay has some birthday deals on about this time (how did they know my birthday was coming up?)

One of the deals has a Google Home mini on sale for just $59, and due to the deals it's free shipping within Canada.

Not a bad deal.  (it says the deals run 23rd-30th, but that's running now)

There's some other deals as well for you to peruse through ... it'll help you get ready for that summer time fun, just in time...

... or if you wanted to just send something to a humble Android blogger on his upcoming birthday :)

just saying

See below for more information

With summer just around the corner, now is the time to find those hot weather must-haves like tech from Google, Apple and Samsung. And, by shopping eBay Canada’s Deals program, you can score this seasons name-brand must-haves at a deep discount while on your phone at the beach or sitting with your laptop on a patio.

All year, eBay Deals offers deep discounts on brands. But now, to celebrate the program’s fifth Canadian birthday, you can get even deeper discounts of up to 70% per cent off on top electronic, home & garden and fashion items. 

eBay Canada Deals Birthday offerings will run from May 23rd – 30th at eBay.ca/deals

Hot new deals will be revealed each day, with free shipping across the country on all Canadian items. 

[just some examples]

Macbook Air
  • Sale Price: $999.99 (Regular price: $1,299 – 23% off)
  • Purchase Link: eBay.ca
iPhone 8
  • Sale Price: $669.99 (Reg Price: $929.00 – 32% off)
  • Purchase Link: eBay.ca
Google Home Mini
  • Sale Price: $59.99 (Regular Price: $79.99 – 25% off)
  • Purchase Link: eBay.ca
Apple Watch
  • Sale Price: Starting at $239.99 (Regular price starting at: $329.00 – 27% off)
  • Purchase Link: eBay.ca