Canadian recall of 3rd party chargers

Holy crap...  okay, maybe that's a bit over dramatic, but this is a bit of a large list.

I've said, often that when you hear of "OMG my phone blew up" chances are that they really weren't following all safety procedures, and by that I don't mean that they were chucking it around fireplaces and whatnot... but just using uncertified cables.  I can't tell you how many folks I see with bent and frayed cables plugging in their devices.  *shudder*

Then there's been a HUGE flooding of the market on these 3rd party chargers.  Alibaba is turning them out for everybody who wants to set up an FBA.  And why not?

Well, safety... that's why not.  I don't know specifically where lots of these were manufactured, but Health Canada went and tested a bunch of chargers widely available at Canadian retailers and found a lot of them were posing 'unacceptable risk'.

Yoiks... reading through the HUGE list, saying it's affecting millions of potential units out there that's a huge risk out there.  Looking through it they also seem to be a lot of the 'dollar store' options, and nothing of any brand I recognized. 

All the same, I'm going over my chargers and making sure I see the proper symbol now.