LG's next phone ... confusion reigns

So, this has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me to track down.

Over the past while, after Christmas, during CES, etc... we've seen lots of info about LG and their phone division in the news.

First up there was the idea that potentially the next flagship couldn't be a "G7" (I thought about this a while back because isn't the G6 and G8 and G20 like UN things?).

Then there was the issue about them not making a whole lot of money.  Well, they made a profit, but not at all due to the wireless division.

Then there was the "maybe we should cut back to 1 device a year".  Which I'm fine for.  The V and the G there's no real difference.  Sure there are some K and/or L lines, but are they really around.

Then we saw some 'design mock ups' with a killer screen:body ratio (http://bgr.com/2018/01/12/lg-g7-specs-and-price-announced-soon-image-leaks/) and people were calling it the G7 (http://www.techradar.com/news/lg-g7).

And then it was 'scrapped' ... again (https://www.androidcentral.com/lg-reportedly-ditching-g7-and-starting-over-scratch)

Talk about going back and forth.

This has been especially hard for me.  I've been a bit of a diehard LG fan for quite some time now.

The Optimus G ... pretty neat phone.  The Nexus 4 was my overall all-time favourite phone.  The G2 was pretty awesome with the back buttons ... I loved showing that feature to people and having them go from "ew" to "actually, that is pretty awesome".  The G3 was superbly balanced, introducing us to QuadHD.  The G4 stepped up the camera game.  The G5 ... well, let's not mention that one shall we.

The G6 tho'.  Man, that is probably the perfect phone.  Well, some minor issues, but it's put up a real hard fight to keep me using the Pixel 2 as my daily driver.

So, what's next in line for the LG team.  Will they keep trying to stay lockstep with their big competitor, Samsung and announce at Mobile World Congress at the end of February?  Or are they going to shake things up a bit?  I think they have it in them.  Personally, I've felt that LG has a killer product, just none of the fancy marketing that Samsung does to push themselves to the front of peoples minds.

That being said, what will the next phone bring?  I mean, to go from the G6, what else is there to do?  What can they add?