Android 8.1 OTA now available

This hurt ... being as my work doesn't have a WiFi connection to be able to download this, but the OTA notification came on my Pixel 2!

Android 8.1 is inbound.

Now, I had to force the update a little, by going and checking. But a new update is a new update.

I found a way to get some WiFi to download this 500+MB file and get the update for my device because waiting until I get home would have hurt me.

What will 8.1 bring to your device?

Of course, it's going to bring the properly fixed cheeseburger emoji (c'mon, priorities people).

But what else?

With 8.0 we were able to go into the Bluetooth settings and see the battery level of the connected device.  Now we'll be able to see that level from the notification shade.

If you have a Nexus it's launcher will now look like the Pixel's (search on bottom).

And more... check out PhoneArena's full list.

Hopefully, the download will finish before work does, and then I'll take more screenshots for you!