Tribit's XFree BT headphones

Have you ever had to walk a far distance for work, or take the train/bus/plane or just go to the gym and forget your headphones?  Probably one of the biggest 'first world problems' out there I've ever encountered.  Once, I've forgotten my headphones ... once.  Never again.

So having spares around is always helpful.  I have a pair for my regular day to day use, I have ones for my gym and ones for travelling.  Having something say for the office or somethinh I keep in my pocket all the time, just in case is going to be handy.

To that end, let's look at the Tribit XFree Color set (note, these do not ship to Canada as far as I can tell via Amazon).  Their own website has them for $99USD on for $40, but Amazon is listing it for $36USD.

Now, when it comes to bluetooth headphones, there's not a lot to really discuss that's specifically different.

These have the 'wings' on the ears to help them clip on and stay while you job, it's got the 'fob' for controls.

It claims about 10 hours of playback time, but who's really using it for that long before finding some recharging time ...

Where they really differ is the sound quality.

And these do quite well actually.  I was able to turn it up.  At about 90%+ it started to have some distortion, but it handled it well; bass was thumpy, treble was punchy, nothing overpowering the other.

They're very similar to the XFree models I reviewed from Mpow a while back except the wings are different and the buttons come in a variety of colours.

But the sound quality is different enough that I find ...

It hangs in the ear quite well.  They feel a little skinny ... i.e. the clip/wing bit doesn't feel like it's really going to 'catch' or hold, like it's a little too minimal; but it does just fine.

Now it's also magnetic, so the ends will hold together when you're walking they'll stay put (don't run the magnets aren't that strong).

Overall, a great sound, but at a bit of a hefty price.  Even if it's on sale for $40USD.  What is nice is that it comes with a nice velvet pouch.