First 24 hours with the Pixel 2 XL

Okay, so it's been a full day worth of usage, and I thought I'd give you my quick perspective on it.

Set up

  •  I had some issue setting up my additional fingerprints.  The first finger wasn't too bad, some mis-hits, but the 2nd there were lots of mis-reads and took longer than it should have.  Haven't had the issue since tho'.
  • What I loved was the 'autofill' feature.  Essentially, as I would load up an app, and if at some point Chrome had snagged my password info then it's also saved in my Google profile, and thus was just populate the information on the app.  Man, this saved me a TON of time getting my phone set up!  The best feature, by far!

The Feel

  • It's bigger than I expected, and am used to.  Maybe I'll get used to it.
  • Putting the life case on (which my wife says is a "girly case") it really makes it feel big.  I'm going to give a couple more days before I ditch the case.
  • The glass at the edge really seems to be that midway point between 2D curved class and a Galaxy Edge look.


  • Okay, so despite working with a bunch of flagships lately that are super fast, I was surprised that it didn't feel SPEEDY ... but it did feel super fluid.  Like everything just coasts along.  No lag, just comfortable.  It's hard to explain.  But I'm really enjoying it.
  • Battery life is pretty good ... 3500mAh I'm not complaining at all.  But It's not recognizing any of my rapid chargers (I have various QC2.0 and 3.0 chargers) to get charging quickly.

The Camera

  • Simplistic ... not a lot of features to play with, which is just fine by me (how often have I really dived into anything besides automatic)
  • Hey, where did that 'tiny planet' option go?  How long has that been gone?
  • Photos are good, I'm not seeing SUPERB, but I'm not complaining either.
  • Lens is pretty cool

Extra bits

  • That squeeze tho' (you squeeze the sides at the bottom to bring up the Assistant)... I often forget that it's there (and if you do it from the lockscreen I'll still need to use my fingerprint to access the results)
  • Dark or light theme (for settings or app tray, notification shade, etc...) based on if you're using a dark or light background for your wallpaper
  • I love how that when I search for a specific settings option in the settings menu it brings you to the section and then the actual option 'blinks' so it's easy to find. Google thinks of EVERYTHING
  • Lock screen sound recognition isn't as fast as you would think (but c'mon it's very 
  • It's got the 'eSIM' (isn't that like ESN in the old days?) but it does take a nanoSIM.
  • There's no microSD card
  • Sad there's no Qi charging.  Really got used to that.
  • No, I don't need the USB-C->1/8" headphone adapter it came with.  
  • Fingerprint gestures are great, but haven't found a use yet (the case makes it a little hard to access)
  • I wish there was a separate volume slider for notification sounds rather than grouping it with ring.

Okay, that's probably enough from just my initial thoughts.  A fuller review will be coming.  

Any questions, just drop me a line!