Want a free smart thermostat for your Ontario home

Do note, that this program is a first come, first served basis, and even when i signed up they said it would be some time in 2018 that I'd receive the call.  That being said, if you're still interested, read on.

So, the Ontario government really wants to help it's citizens save money on electricity and heating (as we know those prices just seem to keep going up and up).

One of the coolest programs I have seen lately is one of the new GreenON installation programs.  Essentially, getting the Ontario government to pay for a new smart thermostat.

You go to their site:  https://www.greenon.ca/ and choose 'my Home' and then enter your postal code.  For my postal code it knew my major electricity provider and I had the option to choose the 'installations' program and sign up for the program.

What will happen is that you'll get an email saying you're enrolled and that at some point down the road a representative will contact to set up an appointment to discuss the program (are you actually eligible, will your system be compatible, etc...) and when they can do the installation.

What can you get?  They list these as the compatible

They say the list can change, and who knows how long it will actually take (it's been almost 2 weeks for me at this point).

But, I'm excited if I can get the government to put a Nest in my house.  How about you?