[Review] dodocool Qi fast charging pad

Qi charging, it's one of those things that for the longest time, nobody's really understood.  I loved it from the get-go.  You don't realize what a boon it is to have in your device until it's gone.  Those that have never experienced just won't know.

Hopefully, now that the iPhone has Qi compatibility, we might see more people have a desire for it.  It'll only help those of us in the Android world who've had it for years happier, as we'll get more options for accessories.

One such accessory is here from dodocool.

Not only is it Qi, it's Fast Wireless compatible, meaning that if you have a Samsung S8 or so, that you not only get Qi charging, it'll be faster ... so about normal speed charging using a cable.  See, Qi, by nature is pretty slow charging.  Think about it, it's sending energy through the air to your device, there's bound to be some inefficiencies.

My G6 isn't Fast Wireless charging compatible, as such it was slow... about as fast as if I had a 1A charger connected to it.  It's not nothing, but don't expect to have it on charge AND play games and for the % to increase.  If you have a compatible device for Fast Wireless charging, then it's about 1.5x faster.

The main advantage here tho' isn't the speed to charge... it's just that it's SUPER easy.  Trust me iUsers... you'll love it!  I have one down at my computer at home while I'm typing away, just plop it in the dock and it charges.  No cables, no fuss, no muss...

At the office I plugged this dodocool one into an output of my laptop dock, it has about a 1A output and it's enough to keep my G6 charging.  It does say it would like a required 2A input, but it's been working just fine.

Again, I'm not worried about the speed of charging.  Should I have a worry of wanting to charge my device quickly, I have a wall charger for that (or many many solutions for portable chargers to take with me).  If I had a Fast Wireless compatible device, I probably wouldn't get the full speeds using my laptop's dock output.  I'd have to get something stronger to push out the current.  They suggest a QC2.0 compatible wall plug for that.  One's not included in the box.

The one thing to worry about with this one is the low profile for the connector.  You can't just use any microUSB cable you have laying about.  The one in my office I had has a pretty bulky casing around the connector and can't fit into the smaller hole.

But that's okay, they actually outfit you with a fairly long cable (~ 3ft) that fits the space appropriately.  That's a really nice advantage to have a good long cable to put it where you need, especially if you had to use the appropriate wall wart to push out the proper power, then still have the puck somewhere easy at hand.

Overall, it's an awesome thing to have.  I never have to worry about charging my device now at the office.

Sure, I could always plug it in before, but I'd have to get my cables all lined up properly and plug it in, and where I have cables I can't get it so my device still 'faces' me.

Now, I just plop it on this puck, and the angle has it so that it's looking at me directly.

There are no magnets, so don't expect to tilt the puck and not have your phone slide off, but it does have a nice silicone/rubbery ring on it that provides enough friction for the phone to stay put.

They do have a model that's smaller, but for $20CDN it's well worth it, and I do like the angle it puts the phone at so I can continue to use it.

Again, wireless is a dream, and super convenient, and something I'd have a hard time foregoing in a new device.

Source:  dodocool