Pokemon Go search bar 101 - How to, tips and tricks

The search option in Pokemon go is a very useful, but generally underutilized tool.
It is worth getting familiar with all the search functions in order to save time, battle more efficiently and even gain extra xp when using a lucky egg for mass evolution.

Niantic first introduced the search bar in the Pokemon list screen in Pokemon Go update 0.67.1 (iOS 1.37.1) and is continuously adding new search options.

Below are the search options and the way you can use them to your advantage.

Search function
Advanced search
Search for Pokemon to evolve
Search for specific Pokemon to evolve by Pokedex number or name -  ‘evolve & 10,13,16’/evolve & pidgey, weedle*, **
Shows all the Pokemon which have enough candy to be evolved
Saves time when doing mass evolution with a lucky egg
Search by type
Fire,flying - shows a list of all FIRE types and FLYING types
Fire&flying/fire|flying - shows a list of Pokemon which are FIRE/FLYING type*, **, ***

Saves time when battling a gym or in a raid. Search for best counter.
Search by Pokedex number
Search for Pokedex range ‘152-248’
Shows the Pokemon with that Pokedex number

Search by CP
Search for cp range ‘cp2000-2500’

Shows all Pokemon with that CP/ in that CP range
Saves time when placing a Pokemon on a gym in order to control decay rate
Search by HP
Search for hp range ‘hp200-300’

Saves time when placing a Pokemon on a gym in order to place the strongest Pokemon
Search for a move
‘@hydro pump’

Saves time when battling a gym or in a raid by searching for best counter move.
Search for legendary

Shows all legendary Pokemon

Search by nickname

Search by Pokemon species
Search for species by nickname ‘+SweetChansey’ will show all Chanseys and Blisseys
Shows all the Pokemon of that species including evolutions

Searching for current gym defenders

Saves time when you want to feed you Pokemon remotely (Important as you currently cannot access your Pokemon from the gym badge list)
Search For Shiny Pokemon
Shiny search in other languages:
Italian: cromatico
French: chromatique
German: schillernde
Japanese: 色違い
Portuguese: brilhante
Spanish: variocolor
Shows all your shiny Pokemon
Useful when you want to show off your Shinies!
*colon(:), semi-colon(;), or a comma(,) have the same function
**search works with spaces or without
***search is not case sensitive