Nexus Players gets Oreo update

So there are a few people out there already getting to enjoy Android Oreo update on their phones.

I'm waiting for the update, but since I'm not on any Nexus or Pixel device I'll be waiting some time.

Oh, but wait... I do have one Nexus device, the Nexus Player  The only Android TV device from Google ... I'll admit that I haven't touched it in a while, but I'm always about getting the latest and greatest. So I checked out the update on the device.

sorry, not sure how to do screen captures on the Player

Give it a few to download the update, let it run through and I'm ready to roll.

It's a new interface.  Very much "lean back" look.

Before I could even navigate much, I was getting some errors about the wrong password for my account, so I just did a factory reset to start it all fresh like.

Okay, back to a bit of a walk-thru.

At the top of the device are the search and settings.

Each ow below is set out by the item on the far left.

First up is apps.  The icon on the far left will bring up the app 'tray' and the ones on the right of it are the most used (you can set it up manually if you like).

Then there was the "watch next" section.  Where titles you've put to 'watch next' will show up.  (I hadn't quite found where you set that tho', never seen that option before with Play movies/TV)

Then there's a line for Movies, a line for Music (and it REALLY, REALLY annoys me that I can't access the 'liked' or "recently added' playlists).

Lastly, there's the "Live Channels" app.  I personally haven't looked much into that stuff ... I don't have much need for live viewing.  You can check here for more information on what channels you can get.

So, I now can say I have a device on the latest Oreo update.

One thing I had noticed about this update is that it does allow me to pair my Player with our soundbar via Bluetooth for audio, which is very handy.