Life of an iPhone User

First of all, I'd like so say "Hello" Once again, as I've been away for some time, yet again.
My life is a constant struggle between Android and Apple, and immersing myself within each of their worlds.  I've now once again found myself at a crossroads between the two, and this is my story, and reasoning for wanting to try Android once again.

For anyone who actually knows or remembers me from blogging here in the past, They'll already know I've got a love for both Android and Apple. I've never being a hater of either, but this is also made it hard to pick a clear winning in my book, and has me flopping like a fish in several cases.

I'm currently on iPhone 7 Plus now, and frankly I love it....buuut there's some things I wish it could do more than it can right now, which gets me thinking about Android. On my iPhone I personally love the slide up control center.

Not having this feature on my Android was painful the last time I was on Android with the Axon 7. With the iPhone I have the uniform experience I crave. Everything looks the same, no off colored windows, borders, apps all integrate tegether, it's one big suitcase that just looks beautiful, and rarely ever fails me. However this comes at a cost as well.
The things I'm missing on my iPhone is the more advanced and fun things about mobile phones. I miss playing Super Mario on SNES on my phone, I miss customizing my sounds, I miss black themes, or simply theming my phone in general for that, "Whoa, that looks sick!" response from people. Miss watching my Free TV apps. Having an iPhone, you already know what to expect, and what it's going to look like inside and out. iPhone works extremely well, but you're not really going to impress anyone, or do amazing things with it.

I prefer iPhones integration with Mac computers over Android integration with PCs, however even this is slowly falling apart.
Now that my son is getting older, he's starting to do his own things, not needing me to be by his side anymore, and actually wanting his own quiet time to play his games. Which is pretty cool, and an interesting step into my own fatherhood. I've been granted the time to start playing games again myself, which I haven't been able to do in forever, and my $2,000 Mac simply can't cut it in today's gaming world. So I ended up buying a Gaming PC, realizing the iPhone pretty much as zero integration with it, and the experience just fell to the floor. My text messages, notifications, Pictures don't all sync over without 3rd party apps and fiddling with things. Where's a lot of Android's stuff can easily be accessed via Windows explorer for files, or Chrome Browser for nearly everything else.

Apple's inability to share, or really work with PC in any fun ways, kinda kills the switch from Mac to PC.  So I ended up buying myself a OnePlus 5 8GB edition, Might Night Black edition, and currently in the process of reviving my Google profile and getting it up to speed, perhaps try my hand at blogging again.

It's really hard, and would take a very long time to really get down to the nitty gritty of all the likes and dislikes, so I figured just shooting off a few rounds would be a good idea.

Things I love about iPhone:

  • Battery Life (Far better than most Android I've ever used).
  • 3D Touch (Pressure sensitive screen).
  • Control Center (Slide up window from any screen).
  • Everything Works in Canada (#GoogleHatesCanada).
  • Amazing Accessories (Yay AirPods!, Apple Watch!).
  • Uniformed Experience, Everything looks the same, acts the same.
  • Great Camera.
  • Mac + iPhone integration that Windows + Android cannot come comes to.
  • Dual Audio speakers (as of iPhone 7)
  • Water + Dustproof (as of iPhone 7)
  • iMessage - Simply cannot beat it.

Things I don't like about iPhone:

  • Overpriced accessories, unless you rely on cheap knockoffs.
  • Not able to change the sounds on any 3rd party apps
  • No theming option (I loves my dark Themes!)
  • No customization options - so things get boring.
  • No Quick Charge (Rapid Charge on OnePlus)
  • Little to no PC integration.
  • No Quick Camera launch from Screen off position (Which I loved)
  • Weak WiFi
  • Not able to download files.
  • Siri - Although is good, Google can do more.

So I'm really hoping the OnePlus 5 8GB edition is going to cover all these issues for me, and also provide a fresh new world to work from. It'll be an interesting walk for sure, as I've been away from the Google community and software for nearly a year. I'm curious as to what has changed.

I eagerly await to what the OnePlus will offer me when it arrives at the end of this following week.