Humble Mobile Bundle - made in France version

So, waay back when... I used to love puzzle games (still do, and should really finish that The Room 3 series).

One of the first real puzzle games I played on a computer was this game called Goblins, a friend had it on his computer when I was visiting him in the states.  And I could never ever find it again.

Until now.  Humble Bundle to the rescue.

This new bundle is 'mobile' so you can install them on your Android, but is also featuring "Made in France" titles.

The typical rules for bundle apply.  Pay the minimum to get tier 1.  Pay the average to get the tier 2.  Pay more than a set amount of $5 to get the tier 3.

And here's what you get.  Trust me, for $5USD it's worth it for Goblins alone (or am I just being too nostalgic?).

Tier 1 - Pay more than $1USD

Tier 2 - Pay more than average (currently $4.81USD)
Tier 3 - Pay more than $5USD

So, with exchange of $5USD for like $6.18CDN you'll get $44.91 worth of games.  So go, go now!!