Whatsapp hits 1 billion users

So, there are lots of instant messengers out there.  The most popular is just texting.  But, I loathe texting because it's something that's tied to just one device.  If I switch devices I can't carry my texts with me (without a lot of trickery-doo), and I run into that issue as I switch between review devices.  Kind of a major pain.

I've looked at alternatives to get my contacts to switch over to.  I had some early success with Hangouts, I'd like to try Allo, others are on Skype, a few are on Slack or Telegram... but not everybody is on the same.  But where are the majority?

Cover artWell, who knows what it will be (what's yours?), but it looks like Whatsapp is closing in on being that popular option for the majority as it has now hit 1 billion users.

That's billion... with a B.

According to their blog post, they have the claim now that 1 out of every 7 people on the planet is using their platform.  They don't get into whether or not that's active users or what... but still, an impressive milestone.

What platform do you use?  What should I recommend to my friends to switch to?  Should it be Whatsapp?