NOMADs USB-Home charger offers a functional, modern and stylish look for any home

If you aren't aware of the NOMAD brand then you are in for a treat as they have a very interesting approach to gadgets and technology. The goal for most of their product is to give you a sense of style with a flair but making sure that they provide the highest quality standard in the products they offer. Then comes the USB Hub station from NOMAD.

This sleek looking and well-designed charging station is made for the NOMAD life style with its 5-ports hidden right underneath it leaving a clean look. This approach allows you to keep the cables hidden all while charging your devices.

The device provides 5-ports which offer you two high capacity ports delivering 2.4A each and leaving three ports that will deliver 1A for a maximum of 27W. Most households have anywhere between 2 and 5 devices at a time that needs to get charged and this would accommodate that easily.

I've been using it myself to charge an assortment of devices from battery chargers, to Bluetooth headsets to my own smartphone and tablet.

NOMAD offers two version of the USB Hub charger, the first model comes with 3 USB ports and the second model offers you 5 USB ports. Coming at $39.95 USD and $49.95 USD respectively.

Might be good to note that the cables aren't included! You'll either have to purchase them and or have your own already. I would be interested to see a version of the USB Hub with the cables providing 5 3-foot long cables would be ideal.

For the convenience, you check out what cables that NOMAD offers right here: