Asus ZenWatch 3 gets Android Wear 2.0

So, I'm very jealous now.

Not only is that Zenwatch 3 a pretty awesome watch, so I'm jealous if you have one, but now it has Android Wear 2.0.

I've been waiting forever for my 360 Sport to get the new update.  NOPE.

So jealous!  Check out the presser below for details of the update.

ASUS Announces Google Android Wear 2.0 Update for ZenWatch 3 

-- Android Wear 2.0 debuts new features and enhancements including direct Google Play Store access and Google Assistant --
ASUS ZenWatch 3 
Key Points
  • Google Android Wear 2.0: Now available as an update for ZenWatch 3 owners
  • Direct Google Play Store access: With Android Wear 2.0, users can now access and install apps direct from their ZenWatch 3
  • Google Assistant: Android Wear now allows Google Assistant commands and questions to be spoken to ZenWatch 3 using natural speech
  • Highly personalized watch faces: ZenWatch 3 faces now support Android Wear 2.0 applications and can show customized data from different apps
Fremont, CA (July 11, 2017) — ASUS today announced that Google Android Wear 2.0 is now available as an update for the ZenWatch 3 smartwatch. Android Wear 2.0 is the latest version of Google’s smart wearable operating system and offers a variety of new features and enhancements for ZenWatch 3 users.
Direct Access to the Google Play Store

With Android Wear 2.0, users need no longer install apps though their paired smartphones. Now, they can directly browse and download apps from the Google Play Store on ASUS ZenWatch 3 itself for installation on the smartwatch.
Google Assistant

Android Wear 2.0 brings the Google Assistant to ASUS ZenWatch 3, so users can simply ask questions or issue commands to the smartwatch. Google Assistant recognizes natural speech, allowing users to simply talk to their ZenWatch 3 to perform tasks like setting alarms, asking about the weather, updating shopping lists, or navigating to destinations.
Highly Personalized Watch Faces

With Android Wear 2.0, ASUS ZenWatch 3 owners can now personalize their watch faces to show live information from their favorite apps like appointments, stock prices, and fitness data. Other uses of this new feature include the ability to interact with apps simply by touching the watch face — for example, to book a ride, start a workout or make a phone call. Profiles for different locations like work, home or outdoors, that show different sets of information can also be set.
Improved Message Response Options

Android Wear 2.0 features improved ways to read and respond to messages using ASUS ZenWatch 3. Now, when messages are received, users can expand the notification and choose to respond by dictating; typing or handwriting a reply; or by drawing an emoji. There’s also a new Smart Reply function that instantly and intelligently suggests different pre-prepared responses based on the content of the received message. This feature works with the most popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Glide, Google Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram or Line.

With Android Wear 2.0, the ASUS ZenFit fitness app can now count repetitions when using gym exercise equipment like shoulder presses, butterfly machines, chest presses and lateral pull-down machines in addition to its existing ability to count push-ups and sit-ups. ZenFit can now be downloaded and set up on ASUS ZenWatch 3 independently without using the phone app.
Instant Google Translate

Google Translate now allows users to speak in one language to ASUS ZenWatch 3, which will then show the translated phrase in the selected language. It even presents the translated text upside down so the wearer can conveniently show it to the person they are speaking to for reading.
Users can manually check for the update in the Settings menu of the watch under System Updates. The ZenWatch 3 is currently available for MSRP $229 at the ASUS StoreAmazonB&HNeweggWalmart, and other retailers.