Netflix bringing HDR & Dolby Vision content soon

So, when I got to play with the LG G6 at the launch party they really talked up the HDR / Dolby Vision feature of the display.

There was a video you could watch to showcase the difference (now it's all simulated mind you), but it looked pretty cool.

But what kind of content will you need to take advantage of it?

Well, Netflix is updating the app to v5.0 (I haven't seen it yet myself, oh, right, I have the G6 and I'll be doing a review on it soon, sit tight) and with it will be the HDR / Dolby Vision content.

Sure, you can head over to APKmirror and sideload it, but I'm willing to be patient.  When I get the update I'll see if I can have a side by side comparison...

Note, you'll have to check out the listing on Netflix if it lists it as HDR or Dolby Vision (not the little logo)