Globally - Android dominates and Blackberry has disappeared

Imagine this.  You're in a room of 1000 people.  817 of them are using Android.  179 of them are using iOS, 3 of them are using Windows, one weirdo has something completely different.

Yet, nobody seems to be holding a Blackberry.

from Gartner
That room is the globe right now, and in the last quarter, Blackberry sold roughly 200,000 units.  Which is impressive, but compared to the overall total, it rounds out to less than 1/2 a person out of our room of a thousand.

I'm happy to see such dominance by 'my side' (and I know, we look at regional data and it'll change a lot), but it's really sad to see Blackberry on that downward slide.

I'm wondering what that 1 person is holding?  Firefox?  Symbian?  ... all those leftovers amounted to more than Blackberry.