Moto mod True Zoom used on SI

a smartphone shot this!
...or how I knew I backed a winner!

I love the Moto mods... just love them.  My wife keeps calling my Z the "Jetsons' phone" and has me show it off when someone new is around.

One of the mods I don't use as much (although, got to use it today) is the Hasselblad True Zoom.  A really good camera mod.  How good is it?  Well, I reviewed it a while back, and I enjoyed it a lot.  Even impressed a few of my pro photographer friends.

I guess it impressed a few other fotogs, such as Michael J. LeBrecht II, the photographer who shot the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated.

Moto worked with Michael (I'm sure as some marketing attempt) to be able to show off that even tho' it's not a full frame DSLR, it still pulled off a quality look.

Sure, it wasn't just the CMOS and lens, there's a bunch of other factors  (I remember a while back a photographer doing model shoots with a 35mm point and shoot that people couldn't tell the difference!)

Click the link into the SI article and you can see video of the photo shoot and using the Moto Z with the True Zoom mod.  What I didn't see from the info on the behind the shoot was how much post editing was done, ie. how much is true to the pixel from the original form.

Either way, it's a testament to the mod being able to hold it's own

Source:  Sports Illustrated via AndroidAuthority