Vending Machine TAP&PAY using Android in Canada

A lot of people are waiting for the crazy blowout of the tap & pay market using their Android devices. Even when it comes to Apple, it still a "myth" for a lot of the users out there. We have some that are making full use this neat feature. Samsung is available to some Canadians, we have 1 or 2 banks that offer their own app version of it, while we still have not heard of Android Pay we do have consumers that are at the forefront of it all and enjoying the service such as me.

On September 30th, 2016, The MONEXGroup release a blog posting about "The Evolution of vending machine payment" such methods have now been in place for a little more than a year in many markets and still to this day baffles the passerby looking at me using my phone to make my transaction.

Vending machines in Canada today are incorporating contactless methods of payments by using NFC technology and support card brands from the likes of Visa payWave, MasterCard Tap & Go, Interact Flash, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Thus, many would point out that Android Pay isn't available to Canadians with our currents banks, there are a few ways around that if you are willing to go the long mile. We do know that artefacts have been popping up within the Android Pay for Interact integration as this is the method used in Canada.

While this is still a nice method to get a snack out of the machine, this is still in its early stages and many people haven't even realised that this is something that they can do as well. Soon will be gone the days of finding coins in your pockets or fiddling to get some paper money.