QardioBase - a smart connected weight scale

Sometimes there's numbers we look at when we're going jogging or trying to get 'fit' again ... we look at our pace of our jog.  We look at the distance we go per week, etc...

But there are some numbers we should not ignore.  Now, I'm no doctor, but getting more data is always an important thing no matter what we're trying to do.

Another data point we can look at is our weight.  Personally this is a number I've been dreading for a long time.  I tried to eschew it for a "so long as I feel good" but sometimes you just can't ignore it.  And knowing is half the battle.

For this there's the QardioBase - a connected smart weight scale.

I may not like sharing these bits of data, but I will... ugh.  I made sure to not include anything with my wife's info on it too, or she'll have me for sure.

Okay, so this one looks awesome.  Sleek looking white circle that fits with just about any room.

Now, what's awkward is it takes 8 AAA batteries.  Yoiks... That's a lot.  I wish it could work as a rechargeable or something.

To use it you have to use the Qardio app again and there's a bit of set up required, such as setting up the wifi (not sure what that is used for) and then picking a mode for the base.  There's 'normal' mode (for weight, fat % and water %), Weight Only, Smart Feedback and a Pregnancy mode.

Now here's where I ran into a lot of issues actually getting it all set up.

Once it's set up you step up on the scale and it goes through the process, it displays a 'dot' on the screen, then shows a smiley face, and then should show you either the user name or 'guest'.  And for some reason 'guest' is default.  Never in any of the set up steps did I see how you are to change it, and only discussions with the team did I find out you're supposed to step off the scale, and then tap the scale with your foot to toggle.

And trust me it's not a simple tap, it has to be somewhat of a stomp, and be warned that it's not 'instantaneous' in switching.  I often found myself tapping, it not being strong enough, tapping again  and no response and then tapping again and then it toggles like 2x.  It gets even harder when I've set up my wife on the device.  Before she was set up it would know me, know if she tried it was a 'guest' and if I did it would recognize me.  When she got set up, it was like a reset on the whole thing again.

It was really frustrating.  And then for some reason it wasn't registering any of my %s when it measured me ... after a while it started to work again - but even now it's about half of the time.

Yeah, yeah... I'm big boned... or something.

But at least I know what I've got to work with and I can see if there's any changes being made.

You can see how it nicely shows the graph, and then you can actually see in the list (I'm not showing it) other measurements on the unit so I can see my wife's or 'guests' etc...

You can set up the goal for your weight loss and then depending on how you did you get that little happy or frowny face (I think that's what the SmartFeedback mode is about ... not showing you numbers, just a motivational emoticon).

Couple this with my running, my blood pressure etc... and I have a pretty good picture of my health.  Now... if I just had some way of curbing my eating habits.  It's all a battle, and thankfully now I'm armed a little better with some data to help me along the way.