It's #Movember time - are you a mobro or a mo-sista

It's #Movember ... well, it's been it for a few days, but I've been a little quiet about it... sorry.  Should you want to donate to the cause, you can do so via my space: (or someone else's that you know)

So, what does it mean to partake in Movember?  Well, if you're a 'mobro' you can do one of 2 things, you can grow a 'mo', or you can 'mo've.  It's about promoting good health and prevention of conditions like prostate cancer and mental health.  83% of money raised goes towards these programs (11% goes towards running the fundraiser, and only 6% goes towards any admin costs).

Now, I can't grow a 'mo' so well.  So when I do, it looks terrible.  I sacrifice my 'good looks' so that I help prevent others from a terrible situation.  My phrase has always been, sure, moustaches aren't cool, but neither is cancer.

To help you throughout the campaign of the month, there's an app to help you track your progress, post updates to your 'mo space' and add 'mo'ves when you have them.  As well as, a place to watch your donations amount and use to share an 'ask' out amongst your social media.

It's fun.  You can have it set daily reminders to take your tracking photo (now, I'm sure why there's a separation from 'photos' and "mo-tracker" - I keep getting the reminder to take my photo, but it goes in that one space and I can't transfer photos from the photos area to the mo tracker).

Anyways, I suggest you take a look at it, and consider supporting someone growing or moving this month and let's see if we can't put an end to that crappy thing called cancer.


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