Google to be clearing up your 'My Devices' section of the Play Store

So, if y ou're a reviewer like me, you go through a lot of devices.

This can be very detrimental when you register the devices to your account and then Google Play Music, because GPM only lets you have 10 devices connected, but only disconnect 4 per year.  It's a real pain.

A minor inconvenience is the fact that if you want to install an app from the web interface it's going to ask you what device you want to send it to.

If you're like me, that's a lot of options to choose from, and depending on how they sort through (I think it's based on what device connected to the Play Store last) you may have to scroll a little bit to find your device.

Luckily, for a while, we've been able to go into the Play Store (web interface) and click Settings to see all your devices and then 'unclick' the Visibility so that it wouldn't show in the selection screen to download.  But it was hard to remove entirely.  Luckily it's not showing all my previous devices, only 21 devices, the earliest being my Note 8 from 2013.

Well, according to an article over at +Android Police who is sharing +Zsolt Pinter's post it looks like Google is starting to clear up older devices from the list.

Hasn't happened to me ... yet, but it will be nice, as I can be fairly type A when it comes to these things.

Source: AndroidPolice