Dan the Man overview - it's addicting

Cover artSo lately I've felt pretty busy... I don't know why specifically, but when I get a few moments in my day, I like to play something that's quick and easy that it's as fun to play on day 1 as it is on day 300.

Well, I think I've found that with Dan the Man.

Apparently built around a 7 part webseries, this side scrolling punch and kicker game is just a bunch of fun.  Jump, punch and kick the baddies as you go through a level (which starts at level 8 based on the webseries finale).

Some of the levels can be long, but there's save points along the way, which help you take advantage of just shutting it off (as you go into a meeting or whatnot) and pick it up from that point later if it's just too long a game.

It really didn't take me too long to get through the whole game (maybe 2 weeks of off and on playing), but what's kept me coming back is that they have daily challenges to do ... which earns you upgrades/accessories for your custom character (you can choose to play as Dan, Josie, a purchaseable character or a cutomizeable player), like a suit of armour, or shark costumes.

Another way you're brought into coming back is that they just released a HARD MODE for you to try to master the game.  It's challenging enough, but not impossible to make you throw it away in frustration.

Then the more money you end up collecting you can use to power up your character's moves or the weapons ... and there's always a lot to upgrade.

If you're going to play, I suggest you take a look at paying the couple bucks to buy the game and remove the ads.  There's no ads just about anywhere except at specific points in levels where there's power ups that you can grab.  You don't have to grab them ... but if you want to you'll have to choose to watch a video.  It's fine, but for a few bucks, they're gone.

Anyways, it's super fun, and definitely worth the playing ... in my mind.

Get it on Google Play