[review] Mpow Crescent is a nice take on the bluetooth earpiece

With all the anti distraction driving laws out there, so trying to ensure you have an earpiece to use and be compliant.

The solution that came across my desk is the Mpow Crescent.

Normally, I don't like those earpieces.  I used to call them 'douche-tags' as it used to be just the really douche folks who would want to let you know they're THAT important.

But this is a nice new take.  What's nice is that it's not just a thing that sticks in the ear and has some microphone that sticks forward on your cheek.  The whole business is all on the hook part.

Sure it makes it a little thicker behind the ear, but it's not at all uncomfortable when I was using it.

The buttons are all on the main piece and there's really not a lot.  There's a switch for the power (which I love switches rather than a power button that you had to long press for 3 seconds or 5 seconds...) and then vol+/- buttons.

The main call answer button is on the ear piece and you can use it for not only answering phone calls, but for playing music too.

Yeah, I haven't had many devices that are earpieces (mostly headphones/earphones that can do the earpiece as an afterthought) so being able to have it double so I can listen to music kinda opens up some options for me.

I was due to get a new earpiece while I drive, and $31 it makes for a pretty good option.

Comfortable and the sound isn't too bad.  I wasn't expecting it to be too well (especially as it's mono), but it was pretty good.  Not as good as a good set of headphones, but you didn't buy headphones.  You can't use headphones in your car to help answer calls (it looks goofy, and would be more distracting than probably using your phone).

Source:  https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01M1JS4ZA