PSA - if you get the Moto Z - be careful with the bumper

So, in my review package for the Moto Z family I got both the Z and the Z Play.  The interesting separation between the two is that the Z comes with a plastic little bumper.

I'm not a fan of cases, so bumpers are interesting to me and I quickly plopped it on.

BE VERY CAREFUL if you do this.  Because the phone is very symmetrical you can easily plop it on backwards (i.e. attached to the back and not the front) or upside down.

When you put it on, double check you're lining up the buttons and the port.

I actually ended up screwing it up.  Twice.

Sure, blame me, I'm a bit dumb at times, but it happened.

And if it happens, it is nearly impossible to get off without cracking that plastic (it has some give, but it feels like that it could snap).  It took me about 10 minutes of fiddling and ruining a nail using it as a spudger trying to get in there

So, just be careful out there!