Exchange Your Explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for Another Device

Samsung hasn't had a great launch for the Galaxy Note 7, it has actually been absolutely horrible. One horror story after another, followed by a recall, then another horror story to cap the recall off. US Carriers are now taking action.

I mentioned in a previous article that a newer "Safe" Galaxy Note 7 had exploded on an airplane, thankfully without injury. Days after the incident went wild on Social media, US Carriers, primarily T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon are all now offering customers to exchange their existing Note 7 with any phone of their choosing.  With the bumbling mess the Note 7 launch has become, I don't think anyone will be surprised by this, and it'll clearly have an even bigger stain on Samsung's Note product line for years to come.

There's no word yet on our Canadian carriers, but normally we don't take long to follow in line with our US counterparts. Even if this offer isn't available it Canada officially yet, it would be likely you could negotiate your way through the same exchange process the US has, as this has now become a big safety issue for many.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7?
Are you wanting to exchange your device, or are you still happy with your purchase?
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