Canada gets in on testing ground for ChronoBlade

It's not often that us as Canadians can get in on something earlier than others, so that when it has happened, I have to let you know.

Now, this new game coming out by Netmarble who's released a bunch of games, called ChronoBlade is having its global launch soon, but before they do that they are launching the closed final testing grounds to Canada and Singapore.

So what is ChronoBlade?  Well... it's better that you just see it:

Gives you the backstory, but how is the game?  It's a typical 2D action fighting game with some options for some customization and a bit of the RPG to help arm them

The video looks great:

I've been out of town and catching up on some backlog and downloading the game now and getting used to it (it's always awkward learning a new game).  But I'll do a review shortly.


Action RPG ChronoBlade Starts Beta Test in Select Regions
The action-packed beat-‘em up to start beta test in Canada and Singapore
All players that pre-register to be rewarded special costume package

SEOUL, Korea (October 07, 2016) – Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game  company in Asia, today announced that it has started the beta test for the upcoming action RPG ChronoBlade.  The beta test will take place in Canada and Singapore only, as it will be the final testing process before the upcoming global launch. Select regions can download the game from today while other regions continue the pre-registration.

ChronoBlade, the action-packed combat game, features an exciting arcade-style, side-scrolling “Beat-‘Em Up” experience based on a mix of fantasy and sci-fi themed worlds. Players in the game can go through extensive customization of their skills, runes, and costumes to a new level. Runes add strength to the defense power, skill damage, and other special abilities. Costumes give characters a unique look through the various headgear, weapons and armor, and also adds statistical increase.

The game also features 3 different PvP modes including a Real-Time Arena and Invitation Arena that gives off an action-packed battle experience. It also features over 24 different unique skills per character, allowing players to show off the powerful action that each character has.

“We are happy to debut ChronoBlade through our beta test and hope that many players in the select
regions take part in the exciting action that the game has to offer,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of Netmarble Games. “We hope that players in other regions continue to pre-register for unique costume benefit before the global launch of the game.”

With the beta, Netmarble will start a player event on its official ChronoBlade Facebook page ( from this month that gives away Gamevice devices. Gamevice is a patented controller that fits onto mobile devices and turns smartphones and tablets into a mobile console machine. The device is compatible with more than 850 games including ChronoBlade. More information on the Gamevice giveaway event will be posted on the ChronoBlade Facebook page.

Gameplay features and standout characters in ChronoBlade, include:

  • Hybrid Gameplay Style: Players will enjoy the side-scrolling action RPG that is multi-player focused, offering PvP and Co-op play options.
  • Skill-based, PvP Combat: Players will be armed with tons of awesome combos to win in a wide variety of challenges against enemies and bosses.
  • Unique Storyline and Visuals: ChronoBlade players will enjoy a mix of both fantasy and sci-fi themes offering detailed visuals in a highly expandable gameworld.
  • Five Worlds Worth of Battles: Fans are challenged to beat the Chronarchs in five unique worlds: Empyra, a steampunk word, ChronoPrime, homeland of the Chronarchs, Ragnarok, a special world based on Viking mythology, The Crossroads, a post-Apocalyptic desert wasteland, and R’Abbalak, a terrifying world filled with mythos-inspired monsters.
  • The Heroes of ChronoBlade: Four heroes make up the Pact that are fighting to protect the multiverse from the Chronarch Imperium.
    • Aurok may be among the greatest warriors on his world, but his supernatural power has made him the focus of suspicion and fear among his people.
    • Lophi, who knows the mysteries of the Multiverse better than anyone, also joins Aurok in the Pact.
    • Lucas hails from the clockwork world of Empyria and brings his skills as a sword fighter and brilliant Mechanimist to help defend world.
    • Thera was once a renowned commander on her world, Minova, but has now dedicated her life to seek revenge for her people, who were devastated by the Chronarchs.

Developed by nWay, a San Francisco-based game studio united by top developers, ChronoBlade is expected to launch on both iOS and Android platforms within the year. To pre-register and learn more about the game, visit ChronoBlade’s official website at