The LG V20 announcement summarized

Okay, so I was dragged out to the gym by my son (which I don't regret, it was a lot of fun) and so I missed out on the live announcement of the LG V20 on the Facebook Live site.

Actually, I'm glad I missed it; I don't know if it's just I was watching after the fact, this was poorly recorded, or at least audio-wise.  It sounded terrible.  So, luckily, I could fast forward some of the more banal points.

The video they played summarized a lot

Showing off the second screen to show you how easy it is to do many things, the point being "Every moment has the potential to be a great story" and with everything easy to do it allows you to share more.

The wide angle second lens on the back, manual camera to get exactly the photo you want, OIS and EIS (neat how that the gyroscope data is included to help stabilize the image), high quality audio (lossless) recording, that audiophile experience with the QuadDAC, a wide selfie camera with auto capture (by smile or by gesture).

5.7" QuadHD + 160x1040
2.15GHz x2 + 1.6GHz x2 Snapdragon 820
64GB storage + microSD
16MP f/1.8 + 8MP f/2.4 135°
5MP f/1.9 120°
3200mAh (removable)
Android 7.0
Comes with B&O H3 earphones

Overall, not a huge jump over last year's version, except for the 2nd lens and the processor bump.

Interesting that the rumour of the removable battery from the bottom didn't pan out, nor did the 'half back base'.  You have a single button to pop it off the back, so no sliding your finger and having to slide it all around.

The second screen is larger (they didn't say how much) and better quality (more contrast, 35-68nit) than previous.

It also comes with the 32bit QuadDAC built in and they talked about it a fair bit, essentially saying that it's going to give you that 'audiophile experience'.  I think it'll have to be listened to and compared to tell the real difference.  Same with their wider range 3 AOP mics.  (I hope they didn't record the audio with this as it sounds like its in a terrible

The device is aluminum to make it 'beautiful and tough to be certified at military standard MIL-STD 810G for drop testing (he mentioned 4' drops).

Then we know that it's coming with Nougat, so it'll be the first with it, and comes with features like the universal search feature, split-screen multi windows, etc...

Personally I was a little saddened by the size.  I've really REALLY enjoyed the small 5.3" size of the G5 and was hoping there'd be a little shrinkage on this too.  I'm not sure I'm ready to go that large.

In the end they said "Q3" for availability without a mention of price.  So ... looks like we'll have to wait.

What got you about this announcement?  Good or bad?