Need a cheap alternative to those expensive Bluetooth headset?

You'd like to get your favourite pair of headphones connected to your smartphone, but you'd like to have the freedom of movement that a pair of wireless headset gives you, but you don't want to fling some cash to get one? Maceton has you covered with their 3.5mm Bluetooth receiver.

This is a perfect all-purpose device for your audio needs. Take any typical 3.5mm headset and you can connect this and make it Bluetooth, then the only thing you have to do is pair it with your favourite smartphone, tablet or any other capable Bluetooth device.

Let's get down to taking a look at the specification for this unit. It offers the most advanced CSR Bluetooth chip which means that consumers expect their wireless devices to quickly and seamlessly ‘connect’ and to perform just like wired ones do – at home, in the car and on the move. And with that universal connectivity they want minimal or no setup and full interoperability with whatever device they choose, smartphone or tablet.

The APT-X is what the makers of Maceton guarantee's; Excellent sound quality with its built-in high-performance amplifier to get the CD grade performance without interfering with the source of the audio signal.

With its Built-in High-sensitivity Microphone for Phone Calls, Maceton needed to ensure proper noise-cancelling technology was in place. I've been told that a wide range of voice tones can be clearly heard which makes answering of making calls a breeze for anyone. Now since I don't do much voice calls, I had little exposure, but for what it did, it did it well.

The device offers one push button and on the initial ON period it will set itself to pair mode, allowing you to pick it up with any device. The exterior body design is all aluminium and offers a solid built quality.

One of the most important aspects of this is how far can you be from the transmitter (AKA your smartphone)? I've been able to go all over the apartment without disconnection, loss of sound or interference, this included going outside on the balcony as my phone sat somewhere in the apartment. My apartment is about 600 square foot and even when on the other side of the wall in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, it made no difference. In direct line of sight, I can go about 30 meters away from it and experienced no problem.

For $25,99 CAD you can pick this up on Amazon Canada and this will definitely add to your arsenal of gadgets to have around you.

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