Gear IconX - Perfect workout companion?

I really hate carrying my phone when I'm working out. I'm currently using my Gear S2 with headphones but what if I could use just ear buds? Enter the IconX, truly wireless ear buds as they are two individual units.

Features interesting features from the press release are the instant feedback on workout progress and heart rate monitor. It's pretty stripped out for sensors; accelerometer and heart rate but it's all in your ear! I'm not big on self directed workouts so it will be interesting to see if this can motivate me to use the stuff I have. I'm also curious about how long a workout it will handle.

With this device we seem to be back to transferring music by a direct connection. I couldn't get the music to transfer from my phone and I had to contact Samsung (chat) to get a link to the PC companion software. I could use them as a traditional earphone without problems. Make sure you have them set deep in your ear if you want fuller sounds and adjust your phone sound settings.

For testing purposes I fully charged them them timed how long it took for them to drain while attached to my phone. I did a ball and kettlebell workout from Skimble to see how well the fit and sound worked. Then I listen to music and a movie from my phone - pretty static use. the battery took less than 90 minutes to get to 10% left. That's pretty poor for people who want an extended training period. While you can put them back in the case to charge, the process will interrupt your workout for a significant amount of time.

While I love the concept this is piece of tech I will pass on for now as I have the Gear S2 and bluetooth headphones. Files are easier to transfer with the Gear S2 wireless abilities. These would really benefit from GPS but battery life would have to be sorted. I will really miss the auto on when put in the ear though. That was slick.