CHOETECH is coming forth with a pack of 2 USB-A to USB-C cable on the cheap!

CHOETECH released to the Canadian Amazon store their packs of 2 USB-A to USB-C cable recently and the price is just right. You get a 6.6-foot cable and a 3.3-foot cable. A dual combination that is sure to work for a lot of us. For the low price of $16.99, they could also be yours.

Before you fly off the handles, these cables are advertised with the 56k oHm resistor. CHOETECH is confident in the products they've released and have hailed the call when needed for making sure that their products are compliant.

I'm confident in the quality that CHOETECH puts out there in every one of their products.They're as confident as I am with their 18 months warranty and friendly, easy-to-reach customer service.

For myself CHOETECH is my go to for accessories latest, they've been great with prices on everything and are affordable. They last long and they don't tend to break easily  unless you, yourself are rough with all your tech gadgets.

I've tested the cables with various tools and they do pull the correct values when charging. You'll be glad to know that they're working for you.

Available on the Amazon Canada store!

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