Milo is a smartphone stand with micro suction cups and it looks damn fine on my desk

Bluelounge which produces "Milo" is a micro suction desktop stand. This little baby is looking mighty fine just there on my desk. I wanted something different than a typical stand and I was ready to pay the price. Ok, not an overly crazy price... When it comes to accessories, we have an abundant amount of choices, this includes smartphone stands. Mostly usually plastic or aluminium base. However, Milo set itself apart by offering something different.

I'm sure as a kid you've played with suction cups? At Christmas or Halloween and hung stuff in the windows and it was awesome! Milo is awesome too because that's exactly what it does with your smartphone. A series of tiny suction cups that take hold of your phone without leaving a residue. The angle that it gives is perfect for glancing and viewing videos. If you have a textured case or a silicone case, you may want to avoid using Milo since you won't be able to get your smartphone to stick to it.


The stand is offered in a plastic and aluminium format and can hold almost any smartphone provided the back of it is a smooth surface. It is recommended to clean the micro suction cup by using adhesive and going over the pad in section. This will ensure optimum use of the stand.

I received the stand just recently and I've been playing around with it to see how I like my viewing angle and where it needs to sit on my desk. Hopefully, in the next version of the design, the team at Bluelounge will account for people who will want to charge their device at the same time. At the moment, charging your phone might not be possible, you may need to find an alternative plug system for the smartphone you use.


The stand retails on the manufacturer's website for $29.95 USD, but you'll be able to get your hands on it for cheaper if you take a look at