[Leak] Upcoming new Google Launcher? Hope so!

As much as sometimes I like to steer clear of any rumours and leaks in this the season leading up to the next Nexus, sometimes even the glimpses I allow myself get me excited.

Yesterday's peek at the new potential new Google Launcher look really cool.

from Android Police

First up, you'll see that the app drawer icon is gone (oh no's the horror... the outrage we had with the LG) ... but it's replaced by a simple 'swipe up' command (like the ol' Google Now gesture) to bring up the app drawer.  This is very reminiscent of the <1.6 versions.  I used to like that feel/sense that a panel could come up.

The other thing is we now see that the 'search bar' is gone and is now just a simple "G" that when tapped brings up the search box.  Will this be because it'll eventually be replaced by "Google Assistant"?  Maybe.

Also, the Google Now cards panel is still there.

What do you think?  Personally, Google Now launcher always replaces my other launchers, and I'm not upset by this at all.

Source:  Android Police