Crowdsource is a neat app by Google to help you give a little back

So often we look at apps that can do things for us.  That'll earn me perk points, or get me money by watching ads, or providing feedback to even earn free beer ...

...but remember, all of this cool world of the Google is already given to us for free.  Now's some time to give a little back where we can.

Yesterday I was strolling through the Play Store, checking to see how my Allo registration was doing, and I was checking out the apps by Google as I was setting up a new phone, making sure I had installed all I needed and I came across "Crowdsource", an app I hadn't recalled ever hearing of before

The app works as a way for you to contribute your 'human expertise' with some of their artificial intelligence programs.

Essentially, you know how Google is great at going through your photos and let's you look through find only the photos with a red ball, or have to do with trees?  Well, sometimes it's hard for a computer to know the difference.  Or even harder to know proper translation, or read handwriting ...

... these are simple things for humans to do.  So we use the app to look at these scenarios where the computer had a hard time to give our input.  This will hopefully further the algorithm, making it better for everybody.

Very cool, no?  I wish I was better at my French to help on that front.

Get it on Google Play