Google Play books will recognize comic books and Bubble Zoom the text

In Google's ever intensifying strategy to 'understand all the thingz', whether it be text on a screen, voice or images, they've updated the Google Play Books app.

The update it's getting will be to go through any comics you've got (of supported types at the moment) and it'll recognize where the speech bubbles are.

Currently we have to zoom in on the page and then pan around to read everything.  Especially if it's a 2 page spread on panel image.

Now, it'll just recognize the bubbles, and if you tap them, they'll expand to make them bigger (see the attached gifs) with a feature they call 'Bubble Zoom'.

I've got the update myself, and you can see the options in the settings, but when I try it on my comics I don't get any option to do so.

Apparently it's only working on specific volumes at the moment (I was really hoping it would work system wide, including ones I've uploaded).  You can see which it will work on Bubble Zoom in the Play Store.  The hope is to have it go system wide eventually.

In honour of this new feat they're offering a 50% sale on DC and Marvel comics purchased through the app if you use the code SDCC2016 (they announced this at San Diego Comic Con) and it's good until July 24th (hopefully we can use it in Canada).