Patec T10 FM Transmitter is just the right acessory for your jam in an older car

What're you doing this summer?  Any road trips planned?  Cruising to the beach with your friends.  Whatever your plan is, in a nice summer time in the car you're going to need some tunes.  And if you're like me, waiting for one car to be paid off before replacing the old one without bluetooth, you'll need something to get your tunes on the radio (because the radio sucks most of the time).

Patec has a nice transmitter (the T10) just for that scenario.  I tried another one a while back and while this one is pricier at $40CDN, it's definitely worth it in my mind.

(why, yes, I do have a spare toothbrush in my cup holder)

This one does take a little bit longer to connect via bluetooth (or it could just be my Moto G4 Plus - which I do find has some longer time to find something to connect to).

But once connected, it's quite great.  Actually no awkward FM static while listening - I always put it to the top of the dial and it's usually clear.

What's also cool about this one over the other is that it also has options for a headphone jack to connect another device (when you have other friends who want to connect their device but don't want to have to disconnect yours, then connect theirs, then back...).

It also has a slot for microSD cards... so even if you just want to load up the card and just have music, have at 'er.  And if  you didn't have one already there's a USB port to charge up your phone while blasting the tunes (at normal charging speeds tho').

Having the display unit as it is on this device makes it way easier to use and more intuitive.  It's just a shame the display isn't brighter as in some daylight angles it's not as easy to see.  Also, the way it's angled and where I have my cup display makes it a little hard for me so I have to twist it a little bit, but maybe your lighter plug is easier to access.

Overall, it's a great accessory to have while I still have that old vehicle.