OnePlus unveils the 3 ... is it 'inviting' enough for you?

Well it took only 3 iterations for OnePlus to finally rid itself of its long since misunderstood, unliked, often follied, marketing ploy of having invites to purchase (it's like our pool hiring for the school board, you have to apply to be on a list so you can apply later on... it's really silly).

But, with the OnePlus 3, there is no invite anymore.

For $520 you can purchase your own device, no lineups, no wait... (well, maybe some wait).

And what does this price point get you?  IT's not as 'cheap' as previous, but it still packs a whollop for specs.  Here it is lined up against the predecessors

Processor2.2GHz x41.8GHz x82.5GHz x4
TypeSnapdragon 820Snapdragon 810Snapdragon 801
Rear Cam16MP13MP13MP
Front Cam8MP5MP5MP

Again, not bad at all for what you'll get.  Personally, I would have preferred the QuadHD display.  But I do like that there's only one choice, no having to see if the version you want is in stock or not.

Aside from those specs, it also comes with their USB-C connect which is certified for, as they call it, Dash Charge and has the fingerprint scanner like last year.

So what do you think?  Have they grown up now as a business and are eschewing the 'cheap tricks' for some quality looking devices?

I know we're eager to give it a try - we were even toying with the idea of testing a "GoFundMe" campaign to purchase a review unit and then give it away.  Would you like that idea?