Moto G4 Plus now available in Canada

So, the Moto G series, which really set the bar for the 'middle of the line is more than enough' phone out there has its latest offering, the Moto G4 Plus version available to be picked up at most of the carriers starting today.

Today you can pick up the device from RogersKoodo, SaskTel, Telus, Wind or Virgin and it'll be $400 outright.  The other carriers will announce shortly their availability.

Currently, I'm testing the device out, and I've liked it so much that I've replaced the G5 for the time being.  As a reminder, here's the specs of the device:
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Moto G4 Plus
Processor1.5GHz x8
TypeSnapdragon 617
Rear Cam16MP
Front Cam5MP
ReleasedSummer 2016
Turbo charge
Fingerprint reader

The kicker however is that there's no NFC.  Haven't decided if it's a deal breaker for me yet.  You are supposed to get 2 years of 'original quality' back up with Google Photos free, but I can't seee how to take advantage of that.

But for $400 and only 2GB RAM it's handling itself quite fine.