For $200 a month you can learn Android development with Udacity and Google

I've long since wanted to learn to make my own apps.  Who hasn't.  It's such a cool sounding thing, and apps are the things we use EVERY day.  Who wouldn't want to make that.  The reality is a little harsher than 'just make an app'.  I know many developers that can tell you it's not all glam and glitz.

But still, I have a bit of a thirst for knowledge, and this is something that interests me.  I've seen a few of the 'learn to code' workshops out there, but for me... the last time I coded was highschool with Turing, and that was before anything object oriented came out.  I dabbled a little with some C++ in university, but I really didn't understand what was going on and eeked out my pass in that course.

So, I need a basic course (get the pun?).  Udacity, one of the most popular online courses is partnering up with Google to give a very basic primer on app development.  Just what I needed!

Now, Google had announced a partnership with Udacity some time ago for some Android development, but I'm guessing there were a lot of people interested who were like me and needed more than just a basic Android primer, but also a 'coding primer'.  Even the basic talks at AndroidTO were above me.

So, for $200(USD) you go at your own pace and start with basic coding and build your way up to full fledged developing (not sure how long that'd take).