Yay, my Moto G (3rd Gen) finally got Marshmallow

 It's been a while, but finally the Moto G I have got it's 6.0 update.

It was shown for a while that it was out (I believe with carriers) but mine was an unlocked version and never got any update.

Then, suddenly today I got a big 110MB update, but it still stayed on on 5.1.1, then it got another 30MB update right after that.  Still 5.1.1.

After that reboot I got the notice for Marshmallow.

So, now I get all the pleasures of Now on Tap and Doze, etc...


Interestingly enough - Google Now on Tap was turned off by default for me, and the option was greyed out, so I couldn't turn it on.  A quick search brought me this link which says that to be able to turn it back on you need to:

  1. Go to apps
  2. Press the gear in the upper right.
  3. Go to default apps.
  4. Assist & voice input.
  5. Then under assist app select Google app.

After doing that, it worked just fine for me.  But weird.  I've never heard of that.  Even weirder was that it was already had "Google App" selected, but just picking it again did the trick.