Samsung announces the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

It's Mobile World Congress, and that means we're getting lots of new phones listed out, and none bigger than the announcement of a new Samsung device.

Even today when talking with a colleague about phones and they corrected themself saying "oh, right, you're not an Apple guy, you're a Samsung guy".  To everybody it seems that if it's not Apple, it's Samsung (they would be hard pressed to name another Android OEM).

So this year we see the new Samsung S7, and the S7 edge.  I like it.  Just 2 phones.  No Edge+, or whatever variants.  2 phones, and the Edge is the larger of the 2.

Here's what they entail

Galaxy S7 edgeGalaxy S7
TypeSnapdragon 820Snapdragon 820
Rear Cam12MP12MP
Front Cam5MP5MP
ReleasedMar 2016Mar 2016

Yup, the SD slot is back!

Also, the rumour that this model is also water resistant is true, with IP68 rating.

The other added feature is that the camera is now using 1.2um pixels (i.e. better for low light) it's aperture will go as wide as f/1.7 (to help with even better low light conditions).

It's still got wireless charging and an even faster rapid charging.

As much as I didn't like the Edge last year, I think that if I had to choose I'd look at the Edge this year.  I need a larger screen and that 3600mAh is hard to ignore.

Now... the price.

The S7 Edge will cost you $1000 outright.  Which is only $100 more than the S7 which comes in at $700.

I'm hoping that that's their 'we probably are not sure of the price, so we're guessing high right now' price.  That's a lot of coin to spend out.

To ease the pain, they're offering a deal that if you buy the device (either version) you can also get a Gear VR unit too.  That's a hell of a deal!