PlusUs has a teeny tiny portable battery charger for you - is it too small?

So it's always good to have a spare battery with you, and we've reviewed a lot of them over time on this site.  (My favourites have been the ones with the built in cable like +TYLT.)

A company called PlusUs has come up with a super teeny tiny portable battery.  The LifeCard

So it's super thin... the idea being that you can easily carry it everywhere.

Problem is that in order for it to be that thin, it's only got 1500mAh and can only deliver it at 1A.  Which puts it at 'slow' and not much for my phone.  For most Android devices it's about half the battery juice available (and you may not get the full 1500 out of it).  This means it's really the 'emergency' type scenario.

At $50, I'm a little reticent, when for a few more mm you can get more mAh out of a charger.

But it does look cool, it has a built in cable (which is almost a must for me) and has a 4 LED indicator for the battery to help you properly gauge (some with those colour indicators or only 3 LEDs... makes it really hard to guess).

The upshot is that I now know about PlusUs, which has some really gorgeous looking accessories on their site (those cables look amazing).

So, would you use a battery this small?