Oppo introduces a Super VOOC Flash Charge technology

Oppo was teasing us before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona about announcing new technologies. Today they announced something very exciting: Super VOOC Flash Charge.

Oppo launched VOOC Flash Charge in March 2014. VOOC fast charge can bring a phone back to 75% battery in just 30 minutes. Personally I'm in love with VOOC fast charging. It's incredibly fast and reliable. 

With Super VOOC flash charge, a battery of 2500mAh can be fully charged in just 15 minutes. That’s amazing!

VOOC Flash Charge differs from other fast charging technologies like those by Qualcomm and MediaTek which use high-voltage charging systems. VOOC stays within standard voltage levels for smartphone charging by using a low voltage. By keeping the voltage at 5 volts, VOOC eliminates the need for a converter. This makes the process much more efficient and helps maintain a low temperature of the device. It also makes it possible to use the phone while fast charging, unlike other fast charging methods which must revert to a standard charging speed in order to maintain low temperature of the device.

Super VOOC Flash Charge uses an all new low-voltage pulse-charge system. It uses a customized battery with a new algorithm to dynamically regulate the current and ensure safe charging. the Super VOOC Flash Charge adapter, cable and connector have all received a full redesign using premium and extremely reliable military-grade materials. It will support Micro-USB and USB Type-C, in line with the global standard.

The R&D process for Super VOOC has already reached the final stages of reliability testing and will be put into commercial use in the near future. Hopefully we will see a new flagship phone from Oppo with this technology very soon.